The Civilizations Trilogy:

Fountain, Earth and The Lost Planet

Civilizations - Fountain: Two worlds, one journey

The first book in the Civilizations Trilogy broke new ground by introducing the protagonists of a civilization like never before. Prepare yourself for a completely new, completely original First Contact.

Civilizations - Earth: The way home

First contact has been established. Now, our protagonists must face the threat of The Supremes, a deadly race. With shocking revelations and surprise twists, the reader is in for the literary ride of his life.

Civilizations - The Lost Planet

The third book takes us to the limits of the known universe and beyond.


Civilizations: Fountain. Two worlds, one journey


(Susan and the déjà-vu)

(Drone Wars)

(Astronauts Susan, Michael, Anna and Haruto)

(Paradise City)

(Eclipsed Star spaceship)

(Continuum Warper)

(Susan at Second Fountain)

(Transformation of things)

(The Voice of Fountain)

(Electron versus Supremes)


Civilizations: Earth. The way home

(finishing English version)


(Supreme mothership)

(Community’s Advanced Operating Base)

(Supercomputer Transformation)

(Anthony Jordan)

(The ambush)

(A.F. Leviathan)

(The enemy of my enemy)

(The command bridge)

(Haruto, Yuna and the 47 Ronin)


Civilizations: The Lost Planet

(Under development)


Contact Information

Wallace Horta, Author

Wallace Horta has always been a fan of the Science-Fiction and Fantasy genres, having gone on many adventures with countless books, films, TV shows and games.
In the Civilizations Trilogy, Horta provides a look at the challenges an Alien civilization faces before taking off to Space in search of intelligent life. What would be their first steps in dealing with First Contact and how would they make sure that it will not cause the extinction of the less-developed civilizations?
In his exciting novel, Horta will share a vision like no other told before.

​Civilizations Trilogy: Fountain, Earth and The Lost Planet

Civilizations: Fountain. Two worlds, one journey
Civilizations: Earth. The way home
Civilizations: The Lost Planet

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